THI is a nationwide developer with a proven track record of successful projects across many sectors.

The company is entrepreneurially led, founded in 1991 by Chief Executive Carl Lewis. Initially THI pioneered the concept of the Leisure Park in the UK and introduced it to Europe developing 24 such schemes.

The company is now focused on working with Local Authorities; engaging on the latest THI concept of 'Healthcare led Regeneration' as well as also proposing schemes on a partnership basis for Leisure.

THI pioneered the Leisure Park concept and were directly responsible for establishing Leisure as an acceptable investment medium for major financial institutions.

THI has diversified into the Healthcare market and is pioneering a 'Healthcare Led Regeneration' concept in conjunction with Local Authorities.

THI has successfully delivered one of the newest and most exciting Business Parks in the Northwest of England.

The Coliseum at Cheshire Oaks remains one of the most successful retail destinations in the UK.

THI has worked extensively with stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum to pioneer its 'Healthcare led regeneration' concept.